KYC Information Sharing

Make it easier to obtain and share data between banks in different industries, and also protect data privacy and security of information providers, and supervise the operating records of data query, thus enabling automation and intelligentization of information sharing, as well as improving market risk control, and builds KYC industry standards.

Solution Value

Sharing Data Resources and Breaking Information Silos

Break through the data barriers between banks and non-bank institutions, alleviate information asymmetry, and enable original data to be saved locally, without the need to upload the data to the blockchain.

Cost Reducing & Benefit Increasing With Risk Prevention

Reduce the risk of bad debts, provide evaluation information in multiple aspects, and accurately figure out unknown risks in the borrowing and lending relationship. Enable information synchronization within a controllable scope to prevent compliance risks.

Reducing Repetitive Work & Saving Costs

Reduce labor costs arising from repetitive labor by sharing online information, and improve KYC efficiency by automated analysis.

Solution Architecture