A large-scale, enhanced-privacy and scalable distributed data collaboration platform

What is BitXMesh?

BitXMesh is a blockchain native data collaboration platform developed by Qulian Technology Ltd. Co., which aims at data right confirmation, incentive and privacy protection in the process of data sharing by utilizing the state-of-art cryptography algorithm and the distributed ledger technology.

A new solution of data sharing

What Do We Solve

The distributed storage of data along with the lack of confidentiality greatly limits the usage of data.

How it Works

BitXMesh employs a Federated Computing-Blockchain hybrid architecture that addresses the privacy problem and convey the data value.


Smart contract controls how the data is used and the ability to share different data depending on the usage. Blockchain guarantees the traceability on where the data flows and who uses it.

Data Sharing

Decentralized storage network liberates the data from silos and provides a safer way to convey the data value.

Federation Computing

Equations are calculated by garbled data that applying the state-of-art cryptographic methodologies that protects the accuracy and confidentiality.

Product Features

Federation Computing

Combine data from multi-party for distributed computing, supports a variety of general and specific MPC algorithms, and meets more than 90% of business scenario requirements.


We build a completely decentralized P2P data sharing network to keep original data in database. The platform is featured by higher scalability, disaster tolerance and anti-attack capability.

Transparent Supervision

Fine-grained permission control is achieved with smart contracts, and exchange records are on the blockchain, to ensure that the subsequent data is tampering-proof, and data use and circulation can be traced and audited.

Secure Sharing

TLS channel encryption and high-availability node backup allows secure data sharing at each key node; credible execution environment, secure multi-party computing and other technologies are introduced to ensure privacy in data computing.

Application Scenarios

Joint Credit Reporting Interconnection of Medical Services

Solution Value

Credit agencies have the great degree of creativity to establish their own model, combining with private secure aggregation algorithm to obtain the accurate result.

You can refer to the records on the blockchain to verify the disputes on the accuracy of credit reporting data.

Provide a more accurate credit rating result, improve the efficiency of credit inquiry and reduce the maintenance expenditure.

Solution Value

Distributed multi-center interconnection provides functions such as data storage, data transmission, and data analysis

Personal medical records are privately transferred among medical institutions, and the use records are traceable.

Improve the efficiency and quality of health services, and provide strong technical support for personal health.

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