Filoop BaaS

Open, flexible, easy-to-use one-stop blockchain open service platform

Product Introduction

Blockchain as a Service (briefed as “BaaS”) is an online blockchain-based technology service platform launched by Qulian Technology Ltd. Co.

The platform provides a variety of automated deployment modes, one-stop blockchain-based application development tools and abundant solutions, thus greatly improving the flexibility of resource utilization and reduces development costs.

Open and Flexible Architecture

Product Features

Independent Innovation

Supported by a range of core products, including hyperchain, a world-class consortium blockchain underlying platform; BitXMesh, a data collaboration platform; BitXHub, an open source inter-chain technology platform.

Smart Deployment, Operation & Maintenance

Support various deployment methods (such as cloud hosts, container clusters and physical machines) and dynamic scaling of nodes, and provides various smart maintenance services, such as visual monitoring, log management and system alert.

One-Stop Smart R&D

Enable quick business on blockchain based on contract templates, one-click contract generation, application support frameworks and other one-stop smart R&D tools.

Multi-Underlayer Inter-Chain Service

Support mainstream blockchain infrastructure such as Hyperchain and Fabric, and provides inter-chain services to enable inter-institutional business interconnection.

High Availability

Support load balancing, hot standby switching, and remote multi-activity of the platform and network nodes, to ensure secure and stable operation of the business system.

High Security

Enable secure and reliable large-scale data storage, as well as secure and controllable data sharing; and provides contract security testing service to ensure contract coding security.

Multi-Scenario Customized Service

Support rapid implementation of different application scenarios (such as supply chain finance, evidence custody, and traceability) by relying on sophisticated industry solutions,, and also support development of customized functions to fully meet the demands of enterprises.

Open Service Ecology

Create an open market for applications, greatly attracting blockchain technologies and business talents to jointly build an industrial digital ecosystem and drive the digital transformation of the industry.

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If you want to learn more about the specific technical features of Filoop and how to quickly deploy on the blockchain, official website of Filoop provides you with detailed information.