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Inter-chain Protocol
blockchain / interoperability / relay-chain
BitXHub is designed to build a scalable, robust, and pluggable inter-blockchain reference implementation, providing reliable technical support for the formation of blockchain interconnection network.
Why choose Hyperchain
World-leading supplier of blockchain products and application solutions

Blockchain Technology Pioneer

Hyperchain Techonolgy provides a range of core products, including hyperchain, a world-class consortium blockchain underlying platform; BitXMesh, a data collaboration platform; BitXHub, an open source inter-chain technology platform; BlocFace, an enterprise-level service BaaS platform, and Filoop, a one-stop blockchain open service BaaS platform, all of which meets the requirements of enterprise-level application in terms of performance, permission, security, privacy, reliability, scalability, and O&M.

Industry-University-Research Cooperator

Hyperchain Technology actively promotes a collaborative and innovative structure with the core of "Government-Industry-University-Research Cooperation”. Hyperchain Technology jointly established Zhejiang Blockchain Technology Research Institute with the Office of the Zhejiang Cyberspace Affairs Commission and Blockchain Research Center of Zhejiang University, which is the first domestic institution cooperated by the government, university and corporation.

Blockchain Ecosystem Builder

Hyperchain Technology has applied for nearly 500 patents, more than 70 software copyright, and participated in the establishment of nearly 100 international standards and national standards. Hyperchain also jointly established a number of joint ventures with well-known companies to layout blockchain + finance, Internet of Things, health care, smart government, smart city and other fields.

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