Open source blockchain inter-chain technology platform

Product Introduction

BitXHub is an open-source inter-chain platform developed by Hyperchain Technology. It solves core challenges of inter-chain transactions and focuses on ledger interoperability between consortium chains. It supports asset swapping, data sharing, and complementary services.

A new solution of information transmission

Existing pain points

Heterogeneous and silos

Heterogeneity of blockchain:Each chain has different consensus algorithms, ledger structures, cryptography mechanisms, and other technologies, leading to heterogeneity among blockchains.

Value Silos:The lack of a unified interconnection mechanism between heterogeneous chains makes it difficult to achieve value interoperability, which forms a value silos effect in the blockchain ecology.

Product Features


Based on trusted relay formed by distributed blockchain cluster, the inter-chain participants jointly maintain the relay chain and monitor the records to achieve full transparency of inter-chain supervision.


IBTP protocol-based transaction transmission, routing and verification format, combined with a verification engine to ensure uniform and efficient verification of the legitimacy of heterogeneous transactions between blockchains.


Heterogeneous application chains can dynamically register and join inter-chain relay alliances to support application-level scalability; multi-layer inter-chain routing networks based on inter-chain gateway networking to realize inter-chain layer scalability.

Easy O&M

The inter-chain gateway completes non-intrusive dynamic adaptation based on the plug-in mechanism, and the inter-chain gateway updates the SDK and plug-ins of application chains without downtime, so as to reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Application Scenarios

Connect the upstream and downstream of the business chainGeneral Service

Program Value

Connect upstream and downstream blockchain networks through inter-chain, so as to effectively reduce the burden of unnecessary data storage

Upstream producers provide information about the whole chain of goods to downstream consumers, which increases consumer recognition

Allowed producers and processors to better understand consumer needs and market trends while protecting the privacy of consumers

Program Value

The operation chain of the service or asset can obtain the real information of the caller or the actual owner of the asset through inter-chain technology for traceable and credible records.

Without destroying the existing structure, the interconnectivity of information flow through inter-chain technology can reduce the difficulty of system transformation and improve service expandability.

Valuable information can be fed back to the service operation chain, and the contribution of each party to the value-added are recorded for future secondary revenue distribution

Open Source Project

The vitality of inter-chain technology comes from all blockchain technicians and related industry practitioners, so BitXHub has open-sourced the core code in March 2020, hoping to build a free, active and advanced open-source community to enrich and improve inter-chain standards. This can bridge more different types of blockchain platforms, explore the inter-chain ecosystem with multiple parties, and create a far-reaching value of inter-chain.

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