Judicial evidence service platform

Product Introduction

FiloInk is a one-stop judicial evidence service platform, which provides services such as judicial forensics and electronic evidence right confirmation, so as to meets the demands of traditional enterprises, legal workers and Internet practitioners on evidence collection, custody and verification in scenarios such as forensics, notarization, arbitration, and litigation.

Application Scenarios

Judicial Forensics

Convert the information (such as infringements, violations) into electronic evidence, and fix it on the blockchain as credible evidence for subsequent litigation.

Instruments for Protection of Non-Taxable Intellectual Property

File a lawsuit against any infringement on registered designs, works and other intellectual properties on FiloInk.

Notary Service

Provide a judicially effective blockchain-based platform for evidence storage, collection and verification, which enables application for notarization with one click.

Data Custody

Improves data credibility, which facilitates data auditing and tracing.

Product Features

All-Scenario Application

Involve business scenarios such as electronic contracts, intellectual property protection, tendering and bidding evidence storage, financial dispute custody and commodity traceability, supporting a variety of business models based on customer needs.

Reliable Judicial Guarantee

Data is witnessed by members of the powerful node alliance to ensure the judicial effectiveness of the data.

Multiple Service Modes

A variety of service modes are available, providing SaaS services, system integrating services, privatized deployment services and other services for enterprises and individual users to meet the various requirements.

Low-Cost Access

Provide sophisticated and judicially effective electronic data forensics technology, supporting zero threshold access and use, without development costs.

High Storage Security

Based on the industry's leading domestically-produced and controllable blockchain technology, FiloInk meets the industry blockchain technology and performance evaluation standards, guarantee data security in all aspects.

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