Asset Securitization

Build a multi-center ABS management platform through the blockchain by cooperating with different parties, so to manage the entire life cycle of underlying assets. Manage asset securitization projects, participants, with other functions such as project file uploading, feedback and historical files management.

Solution Value

Shorten the Issuance Cycle, and Improve Efficiency

Cooperate with different participants to build a multi-center management platform, upgrade offline models, lower service thresholds, shorten issuance cycles and improve business operation efficiency.

Information Sharing and Cross Validation

Share partial information to make information more transparent. Enable cross-validation of information and mutual endorsement of credit among participants. Facilitate regulators to supervise the project and asset information in real time and across the entire process.

Improved Product Liquidity

Utilize the blockchain's openness and transparency to provide participants with management functions across the entire process, develop a multi-party securitization ecosystem, thus ensuring the authenticity of asset data information, and reducing financing costs.

Solution Architecture