Accounts Receivable

Convert accounts receivable into standardized digital of asset certificates, and flexibly circulate, break up and finance accounts receivable on the platform, thus enabling multi-level transmission of core corporate credit and providing low-cost financing interest rates for accounts receivable by introducing external financial institutions.

Solution Value

Reducing Financing Costs

Build a multi-level supplier financing system through the blockchain, so as to promote information sharing and visualize supply chain finance. Rely on the credit of core enterprises to reduce the financing cost of small and medium-sized enterprises, improve the efficiency of capital flow, and indirectly reduce the overall production costs, making the products more competitive.

Mining High-Quality Assets

Ensure the authenticity of business scenarios, assist the companies on the industry chain to achieve secure financing, and enables financial institutions to serve the entire industry chain more efficiently, conveniently and steadily.

Penetrating Supervision

As the blockchain distributed ledger technology is tampering-proof and traceable, the supervisory authority is allowed to perform penetrating supervision on it. More financial institutions make it possible to serve the real economy and ensure that funds flow to the real economy. The blockchain's data sharing model prevents repeated pledges and blank warehouse receipt pledges, thus boosting the sound and stable development of supply chain finance.

Solution Architecture