Electronic Contract

To solve the problems such as low-efficient offline contracting and easily tampered paper contract data, it is available for fast contracting on the blockchain and real-time synchronization of data to judicial authorities, thus eliminating the need for offline signing processes, effectively improving signing efficiency, and enabling credible authentication of contracts against tampering.

Solution Value

Contract Security Certificate

To improve the overall transaction security, utilize the blockchain’s tampering-proof features to electronize a paper contract, and guarantee the contract’s authenticity and validity with the digital signature, as well as save the electronic contract hash onto the blockchain as evidence.

Signature Efficiency Improved

Sign electronic contracts online, and move the original business process online. Manage contract templates, formulate contracts, and initiate contracting online, so as to speed up offline coordination and improve the efficiency of information transmission and contract signing.

Information Traceability

By utilizing the blockchain's tampering-proof features, record and store the entire process of electronic contract signing on the blockchain, so that the information after signing is complete and traceable, and the point of tampering can be located in case of tampering.

Judicial Authentication And Timely Forensics

Synchronize the blockchain data to relevant judicial certification authorities (such as notary offices, Internet courts, and arbitration committees) in real time, so as to ensure the legal effect of any electronic contracts. In case of any judicial dispute, the judicial authority staff can use the blockchain data for trial.

Solution Architecture