FiloLink Supply Chain

Integrated Platform for Industrial Financial Services

Product Introduction

With the financial services of FiloLink, you can digitize and standardize the assets, facilitate multi-party collaboration through the blockchain, and enable asset penetrating management, In addition, you can enhance the credit of supply chain enterprises, and overcome financial problems for micro, small, medium-sized enterprises.

Application Scenarios

Accounts Receivable

Digitizes the accounts receivable to create a “Gold Instrument”(a standard asset certificate), thus enabling online circulation, financing and breakup of the accounts receivable on the platform.

Credit Insurance

Supply chain enterprises enhance their credit through credit insurance, which makes credit risk dispersed and meets the demands of enterprises for low-cost financing.

Asset Securitization

Build a multi-center ABS management platform by cooperating with multiple parties, so as to manage the entire life cycle of underlying assets.

Digital Warehouse Receipt

Blockchain is utilized to combine warehousing, logistics, insurance, and quality inspection agencies to ensure the full-process supervision of goods, and achieve management of all warehouse receipts and transaction information recorded on the blockchain.

Logistics Supply Chain

In the blockchain-based logistics supply chain platform, real waybills are recorded securely, completely and permanently on the chain as digital assets.

Green Energy

Through the blockchain-based green energy trading platform, it achieves reliable collection, credible storage and asset traceability of green asset data.

Service System

SaaS Platform

Commercially validated standardized products

Low-cost and fast access

Shortened business cycle

Exclusive technical support

Blockchain underlying technology

Privatized Deployment

To meet the differentiated demands of enterprises

Business demand transformation

Customized implementation and development plan

Exclusive technical support

Privatized Deployment

Expert advisory services

Provision of complete business consulting and operational support

In-depth business consulting

Success story analyzing

Operational strategy planning

Professional technical training

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