Supply Chain Traceability

From the product production to contact user's whole process record, information is more transparent.


Through the close combination with the Internet of Things and other technologies, the production records of commodities in the entire industrial chain will be kept on the blockchain.

Value of Blockchain

Information Traceability

Through the storage structure of block-chain data, technical service providers and manufacturers can prove themselves, and government supervision is more traceable, and information presented to consumers is more authentic and reliable.

Information Synchronization in All Links

Optimize business processes based on distributed collaboration, reduce the cost of commodity operations, and improve the synergy efficiency of the entire chain of supply chain.

Visualization of Industrial Chain Data

The openness and transparency of data makes the entire supply chain form a complete and smooth flow of information, which is more conducive to industrial optimization and upgrading, thereby improving the overall efficiency of supply chain management.

Application Case

Security Traceable

Product Introduction

Qulian Technology provides Jiaguwen with an anti-counterfeiting code traceability solution which is based on blockchain, and establish anti-counterfeiting traceability system.

Business Logic