Supply Chain Finance

Transforming corporate credit into mobile digital assets


Focus on the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises in the supply chain, relying on the trust transfer of the core enterprises in the blockchain, centering around the core enterprises and the upstream and downstream multi-level supply chain enterprises, and with the help of banks, confirming institutions and other service providers to create the ecological closed-loop of the supply chain financial industry. Promoting the mutually beneficial co-existence of multi-party enterprises and the healthy development of the whole ecology.

Business Logic

Value of Blockchain

Reducing Financing Costs for SMEs

Based on the information security sharing of the whole chain, realize the supply chain finance visualization,and the financing cost of SMEs can be reduced relying on the credit transmission of the core enterprises.

Penetrating Supervision

Providing traceable, penetrating asset validation and verification channels for the funders, and promote the healthy and stable development of supply chain finance.

Promoting Industry Chain Transformation

Through the value link of the blockchain, we can guide more funds to serve the real economy, enable science and technology to endow the industry, and promote the transformation of the manufacturing supply chain to the industrial service supply chain.

Application Case

Moom PlatformXimei PlatformZheshang Bank: Receivables chain

Product Introduction

The Moom supply chain service platform is an Internet platform that provides information services for accounts receivable of entities. Using standardized digital asset certificate "Gold Ticket". It can realize the online circulation, financing and splitting of accounts receivable, and has the advantages of high reliability, low cost and traceability.

Product Interface

PartnerXimei Factoring

Product Introduction

Ximei Factoring Supply Chain Platform is dedicated to creating an industry-wide supply chain ecosphere, effectively linking commercial credit and financial credit.

Product Interface

PartnerChina Zheshang Bank

Product Introduction

The Receivable Chain Platform is a business cooperation platform designed by Zhejiang Commercial Bank and Qulian Technology. It is used to handle the business of issuing, accepting, confirming, paying, transferring, pledging and cashing accounts receivable online. Relying on the security and sharing of blockchain distributed account books, the enterprise accounts receivable is set as an online payment settlement and financing tool to help enterprises to leverage and reduce costs.