Energy Asset

One-stop service and trade platform of Energy Asset life cycle


Through the close combination of Internet of Things and blockchain technology, input the energy assets data to the blockchain for trusted storage and sharing, and Realize the digitalization of energy assets.

Value of Blockchain

Digitalization of Energy Asset

Through the Internet of Things technology, the trustful collection of physical equipment data such as photovoltaic panels is realized, and stored in the blockchain platform to form digital and standardized trusted green assets.

Transparent Collaboration

Distributed information collaboration platform solves the information asymmetry contradiction in the process of green asset investment and improves the efficiency of investment.

Reliable Trading Platform

Based on the trusted storage characteristics of blockchain, green assets information is open, transparent and credible, it provides credit guarantee for green assets financing and trading.

Application Case

Open Platform for Green Energy Asset Management——"Green Gold Chain"
PartnerGreen Ledger

Product Introduction

Qulian Technology provides Green Ledger Blockchain with an energy asset program based on blockchain, and constructs an open platform for green energy asset management called "Green Gold Chain".

Business Logic

Product Interface