Digital Certificate

Blockchain technology makes the tamper-resistance for Certificates possible


Aim at the fact that various kinds of digital certificates (e.g. digital contracts, digital invoices, etc.) may be fraudulent and it's difficult to verify by oneself, a common storage system for digital vouchers is established using blockchain. Based on data multi-level encryption and multi-dimensional privilege control technology, digital certificates are safely preserved and highly digitized .

Value of Blockchain

Improving the Credibility of Data

Based on the unalterable technical characteristics of the blockchain, several authoritative organizations participated in the consensus to solve the problem of the credibility of the deposited data.

Privacy Protection

The privacy protection of user's certificate data is realized by using multi-level encryption mechanism and perfect authority control system.

Trusted Alliance

Establish a credit system alliance and establish a win-win new ecosystem of "digital certificate +".

Application Case

Trusted Electronic Credential System
PartnersChina UnionPay, Everbright Bank

Product Introduction

The trusted digital voucher system is the first consortium chain scenario solution Launched by China UnionPay, Everbright Bank and Qulian Technology.

Business Logic