Distributed Power Trading

Utilize smart contracts and blockchain data to improve transparency and authority of the data of a virtual power plant in all aspects. This enables users to properly participate in the power market, optimize integrated energy management, improve energy efficiency management, and effectively reduce energy costs.

Solution Value

Secure Transactions Guaranteed

Local and inter-regional consensus among distributed power equipment prevents complex iteration of large-scale distributed equipment, thus enabling distributed decision-making and execution, as well as improving transaction efficiency and ensuring trading security.

Collaboration Efficiency Improved

Reduce communication costs, share data in real time, ensure that stored information is transparent, accurate, and validated, thus improving business collaboration efficiency.

Credible Market Environment Created

The quota allocation and incentives are open and transparent, which avoids potential disputes. Store key business evidence on the blockchain, so as to ensure the tampering-proof and authority of data, thus building trust between the trading center and the producers and consumers.

Solution Architecture