Charity Tracing

The whole process of charitable donations is traceable on the blockchain. Provide transparent and open donation information tracing services to various social organizations by utilizing the features (such as credibility, transparency and tampering-proof) of the consortium blockchain, thus making donation information more transparent and credible.

Solution Value

Improved Transparency of Public Welfare

Record all charity-related process information of donors, public welfare organizations, recipients, audit authorities and regulators on the blockchain as proof of existence (PoE) to make it available for social supervision.

Prompt Information Synchronization

Publicize real demands on the platform, enabling efficient information sharing, timely project implementation, and mutual trust enhancing.

Improved Credibility of Charity

Protect the privacy of donors and recipients by utilizing the blockchain encryption technology, with essential information retained. Combine Internet notarization and adopt legal measures to prevent dishonest behaviors such as charity fraud.

Solution Architecture