Market Supervision

Build an electronic evidence consolidation system for market supervision, so as to connect the online smart monitoring system and the forensic system. Utilize targeted forensic tools for forensics, and then consolidate the evidence on the blockchain based on the incoming clues, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the electronic evidence.

Solution Value

Real-Time Evidence Consolidation

Record and consolidate the monitoring system data on the blockchain in real time, which converts easily lost website clues into tamper-proof evidence on the blockchain, thus providing support for subsequent verification of judicial effectiveness.

Credible and Traceable Process

Record the entire monitoring process of the monitoring system on the blockchain, so that every step of operation is traceable. In addition, accurately locate the tampering point and the tamper maker to support the effective monitoring process.

Administrative Efficiency of Supervision Improved

Some authorities (such as courts and Judicial authentication centers) jointly establish judicial supervision alliances, so as to enable data intercommunication and interconnection, verification of evidence package tampering and other functions, which improve supervision efficiency.

Solution Architecture