Intellectual Property

Intellectual property registration is featured by complicated processes, time consuming, high difficulty in right confirmation, slow circulation of judicial support and other problems. To solve these problems, it is advisable to build an intellectual property service platform (which is supported throughout the cycle) by combining the blockchain technology.

Solution Value

Building a Judicial Alliance And Improving Protection of Property Rights

Unite intellectual property regulators, Internet courts, notary offices, and other judicial agencies to build a consortium chain, so as to record the patents, original author information, and work content information on the blockchain. This is to ensure legal effectiveness and clarify attribution of rights.

Fast Online Evidence Collection Helps Defend Rights In Litigation

In case of any violations of intellectual property (such as trademark infringement, patent counterfeiting and copyright misappropriation), users can quickly collect evidence through the intellectual property evidence storage system, provide evidence with legal effect, and initiate litigation for right protection.

Improved Property Right Circulation And Maximized Economic Benefits

Store the intellectual property information and the transfer time and method as evidence, so as to enable online and automated transfer, simplify transaction procedures, reduce transaction costs, improve return on government investment and maximize commercial value.

Solution Architecture