Judicial Notary Service

Utilize the blockchain-based electronic forensics technology to enable credible forensics of electronic data. The parties can apply for notarization with one click on the judical service platform based on the obtained evidence, with the data sent directly to the notarization management terminal, so that a notarial certificate is efficiently issued.

Solution Value

Credibility of Evidence Improved

Ensure that the data is authentic, integral and relevant at the time of forensics, and upload corresponding evidence packages onto the blockchain immediately after completion of forensics to avoid tampering.

Service Efficiency Improved

The notary office staff quickly verify whether the electronic data submitted for notarization is tampered with by referring to blockchain verification results. In addition, complete all notarization processes online, which improves business efficiency.

Service Scenarios Expanded

Provide credible forensics tools in various scenarios to the notary office, so as to increase service applications and expand the scope of business.

Solution Architecture