Bank-Government Interconnection

A comprehensive financial service platform created by Qulian Technology Co., Ltd. jointly with the government and banks. Utilize a data service infrastructure platform to build a credible distributed data exchange network, thus enabling credible data transmission, and building a true credit society.

Solution Value

Data Value Guaranteed

Utilize the blockchain to enable data asset circulation and trading, and solve the problems in data “storage, management and use”. This further enhances the value of information, reduces the steps to verify information authenticity, and cuts down the cost of credit transfer.

Data Security Guaranteed

Store privacy data application, authorization, and call records on the blockchain, so as to ensure the security and compliance of data exchange.

Risk Control Costs Reduced

Assist financial institutions to cut down the cost of information search during investigation and risk control, thus saving manpower and material resources. Utilize a model to calculate business credit scores, so as to create a credible environment and improve the risk control capability.

Solution Architecture