Inter-Blockchain Technology Platform

Product Introduction

BitXHub, the inter-blockchain technology platform developed by Qulian Technology, supports both isomorphic and heterogeneous blockchain transactions including asset exchange, information sharing and service complementation. BitXHub is committed to building a scalable, robust, and pluggable inter-blockchain reference implementation platform, that can provide reliable technical support for the formation of a blockchain internet and inter-communication of value islands.

Product Features

Inter-Blockchain Transfer Protocol (IBTP)

Design a universe interchain transfer protocol to route and validate interchain transactions, which can support interchain calls of heterogeneous assets, data and services.

Validation Engine

Propose a pluggable validation engine to enable interchain transactions from different app-chains be validated by corresponding rules which can be dynamically registered or updated, and provide efficient proxy validation services through parallel processing.

Multi-Layer Routing

Establish a domain name management mechanism to achieve efficient routing between heterogeneous chains in different layers, and realize credible value delivery between different layers based on Hash Locking.

Product Architecture