Integrated system of blockchain operation and maintenance and business test

Product Introduction

Hypervision is a integration system for blockchain operation and maintenance and business testing, it can provide enterprise with blockchain monitoring, maintenance, smart contracts and a graphical test alarm function.

Node Management

Node management is the operation basis of other functional modules. Blockchain nodes can be added to the monitoring platform by configuration and registration. View switching between blockchain nodes can realize monitoring and data browsing for different blockchains and specify the deployment location of intelligent contracts.

Monitoring Alarm

Monitoring is the core function of the system. The system provides different levels of monitoring. The blockchain layer supports the monitoring of the number of blocks, transaction volume, transaction success rate and other related indicators.

Block History

Blockchain system is a Distributed ledger system. The system provides browsing and querying of block history, and block information is obtained directly from node information to ensure that every query is consistent with the book information in blockchain.

Smart Contract Testing

Smart contract testing module helps intelligent contract developers to verify contracts in the online environment.