One-button testing for smart contracts

Product Introduction

Hyperflow is developing test tools for smart contracts which is completely researched and developed by Qulian Technology. This tool aims to solve the security detection and functional testing of smart contracts. It can analyze the potential threat of the current development contract and put forward a reasonable solution through formal verification and a security check library or other means to detect the contract security vulnerabilities.

Product Features

Contract Functional Testing

Carry out single method test and flow test of contract to ensure the perfection of contract function (black box test).

Contract Security Testing

During compiling, detect potential vulnerabilities in the contract can avoid greater problems at runtime, such as multiplication overflow, dead loop, etc.


Support web page contract writing, compiling and testing, and feedback the results to specific code lines.
Supports online VM, EVM, JVM and JSVM.

Contract Performance Testing

Detect the contract method invocation time and the memory of the contract method calls, analyze the contract performance.

One-button Testing for Contract Security

Hyperflow integrates rule libraries based on a variety of contract best security practices, covering almost all solidity security specifications and enabling developers to dynamically add their own rules.

Formal Theorem Prover

Hyperflow will also use Formal verification method of calibration to analyze the execution security of contract block.

Smart Contract Development Specification

  • Hyperflow writes a set of secure smart contract development specification for developers, which will form a set of blockchain concept development standard.

  • Specification types include naming specification, function, file specification, statement, variable and so on.