About IEEE

IEEE is a leading developer of industry standards that drive the functionality, capability, and interoperability of various technologies, transforming how people live, work, and communicate. With an active portfolio of nearly 1,300 standards and projects under development, IEEE has established itself as a key player in the development of products and services that shape the future of technology.

Details of participation in IEEE standards
Hyperchain has led or partipated in the preparation of atotal of 60+ IEEE standards,of which 7 have been published.
Standards Board
1. IEEE CTS (Consumer Technology Society);
2. CTS/BSC (Blockchain Standards Committee) Blockchain Standards Committee, P214X series standards;
3. CTS/DFESC (Digital Finance and Economy Standards Committee), P3800 series standards;
4. IEEE C/BDLSC (Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards Committee), P2418, P3200 series standards;
5. IEEE Computer Society/Smart Manufacturing Standards Committee (C/SM), P2879, P2959;
6. IEEE C/LT-Learing Technology;
7. CTS/BSC/BOPSWG (Blockchain-based Omnidirectional Pandemic/epidemic Surveillance Working Group) P2677;
8. CES/DFESC/CCWG (Consortium Chain Working Group) P3652.1.
Standardized positions held by team members
Expert member of IEEE C/BDL Technical Committee
Director of IEEE CTS/DFESC
Chairman of IEEE Evidence Collecting WG
Vice Chairman of IEEE P2144 Working Group
Vice Chairman of IEEE P3215 Working Group
Secretary of IEEE P3203 Working Group
Secretary of IEEE P3205 Working Group
Participated & published IEEE international standards
2142.1-2021 IEEE Recommended Practice for E-Invoice Business Using Blockchain Technology
2418.2-2020 IEEE Standard for Data Format for Blockchain Systems
2140.1-2020 IEEE Standard for General Requirements for Cryptocurrency Exchanges
2140.5-2020 IEEE Standard for Custodian Framework of Cryptocurrency
2143.1-2020 IEEE Standard for Standard for General Process of Cryptocurrency Payment
2144.1 – 2020 IEEE Standard for Framework of Blockchain-based Internet of Things (IoT) Data Management
3652.1 – 2020 IEEE Guide for Architectural Framework and Application of Federated Machine Learning
CTS/DFESC (digital finance and economy standards committee)
The scope of the Standards Committee is to develop and maintain standards, recommended practices and guides for digital finance and economy (including but not limited to the digital forms, digital representations, digital embodiments, or digital equivalents of currencies, issuance, custody, payment, insurance, funds, shares, stocks, equities, securities, bonds, treasure bills, options, derivatives, futures, forward commitment, contingency claims, hedge funds, portfolio management, public benefit, mutual assistance, sharing economy, credit score, credit ratings, valuation, risk analysis, etc., and related hardware, software, systems, services, and applications in various scenarios), using an open and accredited process, and to advocate them on a global basis. Its technical scope is intended to be flexible and is ultimately determined by the sum of its approved PARs.
1. P3800-Standard for a data-trading system:overview,terminology and reference model
2. P3801-Standard for Blockchain-based Electronic Contracts
3. P3802-Standard for Application Technical Specification of Blockchain-based E-Commerce Transaction Evidence Collecting
4. P3803-Standard for House hold Appliance Customer Data Assetization and Commer cialization Requirements
5. P3806-Standard for Blockchain-based Hepatobiliary Disease Data Extractionand Exchange
Among them, Hyperchain Technology successfully established two standards, P3801 & P3802, and established the Evidence Collecting Working Group.